3 Benefits of Structural Composite Components

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Carbon fiber products have technically been around for more than 150 years. Experiments with their predecessors happened as far back as the mid-1800s. Unfortunately, interest in carbon fiber materials waned shortly after that.

However, some breakthroughs happened in the 1950s and 1970s. This caused manufacturers to suddenly become interested in the material again. After that, the number of carbon fiber innovations multiplied rapidly.

What a rich history! It’s no wonder that the carbon fiber composite components we have today are so beneficial. Read on to learn about some of their great benefits.

1. Can Be Used For Large Composite Components

Another major problem with composite manufacturing had to do with size. The complexity of composite structures makes manufacturing large components extremely difficult. Each section of a composite has to form an extremely precise shape.

A lot of things can also go wrong with techniques such as bladder molding. Engineers have to account for all of these possible issues. If they don’t, the parts may not meet the manufacturer’s strict standards.

Luckily, advances in computer technology have come to the engineers’ rescue. Now engineers can make all the calculations they need quickly. This ensures the accuracy of manufacturing parts.

2. Can Be Self-Healing

Composite carbon fiber parts used to have a major problem. The materials that manufacturers combine to make each composite component, such as glass and carbon fiber, often fell apart. Composite manufacturing innovators created composites that could self-heal to make up for this weakness.

However, this only worked so well. Composite components had to be removed and heated. This was impractical when components were being used in a product.

Also, these parts could only heal a few times before they fell apart permanently. This only made an investment in a product so worthwhile.

Recently, however, researchers have overcome these challenges. They added a healing agent and heater layers to a composite. Now, an electrical current can heal these carbon fiber products.

3. Can Be Repaired Through Advanced Assessment Procedures

Carbon fiber composites are five times as strong as steel equivalents. However, they can still take on different defects and damages.

Assessing and repairing these can be difficult. An engineer has to precisely pinpoint all the details of each issue. Then they have to calculate how to repair the issue so that it doesn’t break again.

Luckily, engineers have developed intricate procedures that can assist them through these procedures. Advanced technological software also exists which can assist them as they move through the process.

Advance Your Products With Our Carbon Fiber Composite Components

In sum, carbon fiber composite components have become extremely advanced in the past few decades. Innovations have made them suitable for a wide variety of applications. By using them in their products, manufacturers can stay ahead of the competition.

Are you ready to see how our composites can advance your industry’s products? If so, leave us your info on this page and we’ll be in touch. With our diverse expertise and capabilities, we can tackle any project that you can imagine.

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