5 Benefits of Carbon Fiber Phone Cases

carbon fiber phone cases

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and a much lighter material for manufacturing. You’ll find carbon fiber parts in automobiles, airplanes, and recreational products like bicycles and golf clubs. Because of the unique properties of carbon fiber, it’s also used to make phone cases.

Carbon fiber phone cases are in high demand. It’s one of the many types of components we manufacture. Keep reading for five benefits of phone cases made from carbon fiber and why such a case might be the right choice for you.

1. Strength Where You Need It Most

Most modern smartphones have outer shells constructed of glass, aluminum, or both. Even if your flagship phone has a stainless steel frame, the glass can easily break if your phone is dropped. Aluminum is a soft metal and will dent, scratch, or ding easily.

One reason people use a phone case is to protect their phone from breaks, dents, or scratches. Nothing protects your phone like carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel.

2. Carbon Fiber Phone Cases Won’t Weigh You Down

Of the characteristics of carbon fiber is its light weight. Even a case with a thickness of .6mm (about the thickness of a credit card) will protect your phone from most accidental bumps or drops. Keep your phone lightweight and covered with a carbon fiber case.

3. Withstands Everyday Use

Most phone cases wear out over time. Plastics and polymers may protect your phone when you first use them, but their protective characteristics diminish over time. Every drop, bump, or scratch weakens their ability to protect your phone.

Carbon fiber components are more durable than parts made from other manufacturing materials. Your carbon fiber phone case will protect your phone for a very long time.

4. Add More Water Resistance

Many modern smartphones are rated as waterproof or water-resistant. If your phone isn’t among the models with this feature, a carbon fiber phone case is an ideal choice. Carbon fiber is naturally waterproof, and it will add a degree of water-resistance to your phone.

5. Fireproof and Heat Resistant

It’s not common for a phone to be subject to fire, but they spend some time in the sun and warm climates. Heat is an enemy to many phone materials. It can cause them to warp, discolor, or melt.

Carbon fiber is manufactured at hot temperatures, making a carbon fiber phone case resistant to heat and fire.

Phone Cases for the Real World

People value their smartphones above most other consumer electronics. Therefore, considered lifeline. Keeping your phone safe and protected is essential.

With carbon fiber phone cases, you can protect a phone from most breaks, dents, or scratches. They don’t add bulk or weight to a phone, and they also provide a degree of water resistance to any phone model.

Therefore, if you’re interested in manufacturing carbon fiber cases or any carbon fiber components, contact us for a quote. SMI Composites is a leader in carbon fiber molding, and our manufacturing capabilities are available at scale.

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