5 Tips for Finding the Best Carbon Fiber Part Manufacturer

carbon fiber part

Are you stuck searching for the highest quality carbon fiber? Is this search delaying the profits your business deserves? Well, you should know that there’s a reason for this.

Covid-19 caused a dramatic decline in carbon fiber demand worldwide. Because of this, companies are having to go to never before seen lengths to acquire this sturdy material. Yet there is still hope for professionals who know where and how to look.

If finding a reliable manufacturer is driving you mad, then don’t click away. This guide will go over 5 ways you can narrow your search.

1. Know That Every Company Offers a Unique Product

Unlike other materials made through composite manufacturing, carbon fiber has a varied production process. This is because every manufacturer has a specific design that is individual to their brand.

While this leaves you with a lot of options in your search, this also means that quality can vary in terms of durability and tension. This is why you need to be diligent when it comes to testing various carbon fiber parts.

2. It Helps to Know About the Manufacturer’s Track Record

Carbon fiber products are renowned for being lightweight, durable, and reliable. So what happens when the manufacturer isn’t making their carbon fiber out of quality components?

The last thing you want is to find out that the manufacturer that you’ve picked has a reputation for using cheap materials. This can result in serious injury and even death should your parts fail on your customers.

3. Make Sure They Exceed the Standard

The Carbon fiber molding process is expensive, and even the smallest factors make a difference.

You need to make sure that everything from the manufacturer’s oxidation process to their temperature requirements is comparable to the industry’s best.

4. Confirm Which Products Fit the Manufacturer

Because of the strength of carbon fiber and the varied production methods, it’s no surprise this material has a variety of uses. From the medical industry to aerospace parts, carbon fiber molding has set the standard for many different industries.

This also means that you need to ensure that the manufacturer you’re looking at has a brand that fits your niche. For example, if you’re specialty is in the medical industry, search for a manufacturer who satisfies this area.

5. Look For a Manufacturer With the Best Equipment

The quality of the product offered by a carbon fiber supplier can vary based on their equipment. If their ovens and furnaces aren’t top-of-the-line it can be a big sign the company isn’t as efficient as it seems.

Finding Carbon Fiber Part Manufacturers Doesn’t Have to Be Impossible

Composite manufacturing is an expensive process. With the amount of money that you’ll be paying per carbon fiber part, you need the peace of mind that the price was worth it.

If you need a manufacturer who knows what they’re doing,  then don’t hesitate to contact us at SMI Composites. We’re at the forefront of carbon composite manufacturing, and can give you the quality you need!

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