A Guide to Carbon Fiber in Advanced Technology

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In 1860, Sir Joseph Wilson Swan was the first to make carbon fibers by heating cotton fibers. Since then, advanced technology has allowed manufacturing companies to make the most of carbon fiber for making cars, medical equipment, and airplanes.

Carbon fiber composites are durable materials that are uniquely lightweight and strong. For this reason, they can help provide different manufacturing options that save money and improve the quality of designs.

So, let’s take a look at how carbon fiber is the future of technology and manufacturing.

Carbon Fiber and Advanced Technology

The automotive industry is one of the main areas of advanced technology that benefits from carbon fiber. This means that all car manufacturers, not only high-end sports cars, can make the most of this vital material.

There are different types of materials, so it’s important to ask your carbon composite company for their advice. For example, you might need a specific material for the rear wings. But, if you want to use this material to protect a battery pack, it will require a thicker or more robust choice.

It’s also possible to use carbon fiber for high-quality automotive coating. This gives you an overall professional and attractive look to cars that can boost their value.

Aerospace Industries

Airplanes rely on materials that will withstand different weather conditions and air pressure. So, you need to consider using carbon fiber to improve the overall design of airplane structures.

Unlike aluminum, traditionally used in airplanes, carbon fiber is light and robust. The stiffness is better than aluminum. It enables manufacturers to assemble professional aircraft. But before you start integrating carbon fiber, you need to pick the right company.

It’s essential to consider the aesthetic components as well as the functionality. So, it’s good to look for companies that offer fast delivery and quality control. This way, the material won’t wear and tear over a few months.

Medical Uses

There are several uses for carbon fiber in medical technology that can elevate the experience and increase accuracy. Carbon fiber can be integrated into radiation testing equipment and prosthetic orthotics. But, the options will grow as advances are made to enhance other areas of medical technology.

This material blends the practical and aesthetic benefits of other materials and improves it.

Sports Equipment

Sports industries are using carbon fiber to develop new footwear and equipment. Due to the versatility of carbon fiber, it provides an opportunity for engineers to get creative with their designs and experiment with new creations.

There are also possibilities in the Department of Defense for making firearms and support vehicles. So, the use of carbon fiber will continue to grow over time.

Work With a Carbon Fiber Composite Team

Whether you work in the aerospace field or the medical industry, there’s a strong need for carbon fiber in advanced technology. The unique characteristics set it apart from other manufacturing materials, and it is guaranteed to be effective in the design.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also suited to various uses and machines.

Reach out to our team to find out about our design process.

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