About SMI

Learn about the secret sauce that’s pushing us forward every day.

Why SMI?

Quality engineered parts. Superior customer service. Innovative design solutions.

SMI’s unique positioning within the Mayco Group of companies allows us incredible flexibility and versatility as we work with multiple industries. Our connection allows us to offer a complete solution to our customers, from design and engineering to customized tooling for our projects.

Our commitment to our customers is to help bring their vision to fruition. We’re proud of our level of transparency with all our customers, and we work closely to provide innovative solutions to the most complex engineering processes.

Mission Statement

SMI is dedicated to growing and developing its core capabilities, as well as remaining at the forefront of advancing technologies in composite manufacturing. We’re committed to the growth of the industry and our contributions to it.

For our customers, we’re committed to providing quality, engineered parts and services, and superior customer service ahead of rapid growth. We’re a specialized group with the capability to service both low and high-volume clients. Ultimately, our focus is on how best to serve the customer.

Our Culture

Dedicated to team solutions.

We’re a nimble and experienced team dedicated to providing transparency to all we work with. We take our commitment to one another seriously, and in doing so have created a solid foundation of teamwork to service our customers with efficiency and honesty.

Family of Companies

SMI Composites is part of a deep-rooted network of global manufacturing companies dedicated to providing premium design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to multiple industry sectors. Our far-reaching resources allow us to deeply specialize in designing and engineering tooling for our customers while maintaining a presence in multiple industries with unparalleled success.