Advancements in Carbon Fiber Clothing and Sportswear

carbon fiber clothing

Most people know about the use of carbon fiber in high-tech manufacturing and engineering. But did you know that carbon fiber is also used to make clothing?

Carbon fiber is actually five times stronger than steel. This makes it a smart choice for many kinds of engineering applications and high-performance clothing. Because carbon fiber clothing is tough and durable, it’s become a favorite among athletes and other professionals who need long-lasting apparel.

Read on for an introduction to what carbon fiber is, what carbon clothing is, and why people like it so much.

What Is Carbon Fiber Fabric?

Carbon fiber fabric starts out as carbon fiber, a completely human-made material that’s been around since the 1800s. Although it has the strength of steel, it is considerably lighter and more flexible. Manufacturers can form it into different shapes through pressing, molding, casting, and compression.

Carbon fiber cloth has millions of woven strands. Manufacturers mix it with resins or plastic to form solid shapes in manufacturing or dye and sew it into clothing.

Carbon fiber cloth goes into everything from plane manufacturing to medical device design. So what makes carbon fiber clothing, in particular, so popular?

What Are Some Advantages

Carbon fiber clothing lasts longer than clothing made from other materials. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear and protect a wearer’s skin. Because of these characteristics, the use of carbon fiber in sports is well documented.

Surfers, for example, often use carbon fiber sportswear long-sleeved t-shirts. This helps protect them from sand abrasion when they ride the waves in or wipe out.

Bicyclists also appreciate that carbon clothing can prevent “road rash” if they fall. They can also choose from a variety of carbon fiber bicycles and bike helmets, shoes, and gloves.

Another important protective sports wearables category is motorcycle helmets, where the carbon fiber provides excellent protection for the rider’s face, head, and neck. They offer a lot of protection without forcing the rider to support any extra weight.

Runners and hikers use carbon fiber insoles that provide a customized footbed. They provide long-lasting, lightweight arch support and help prevent foot injuries.

Finally, it’s able to help insulate products from high temperatures. So clothing designers can use it to install battery-operated heating elements in ski jackets, gloves, shoes, and even socks.

Heading out for a chilly winter evening? Just wear a jacket with built-in carbon fiber heating, and you’re all set!

Where to Learn More About Carbon Fiber Clothing and Manufacturing

It’s clear that some of the best sportswear and performance clothing are carbon fiber-based. If you would like to learn more about carbon fiber in clothing manufacturing, or the cost of carbon fiber, check out our other blog articles!

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