Ready, Set, Go! An Ultimate Guide to Carbon Fiber Auto Racing Helmets

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An Ultimate Guide to Carbon Fiber Auto Racing Helmets

No matter how uncomfortable, heavy, or unstylish you believe your current auto racing helmet to be, you know it’s a necessity to wear one when anytime you’re in a high speed auto race.

Fortunately, advances in carbon fiber auto racing helmets has come a long way without the need to sacrifice comfort and style for safety.

Today, there are thousands of ultra safe racing helmets that are lightweight, comfortable, and fit any budget. Better yet, you’ll look stylish, too.

Interested in learning how you can upgrade your old auto racing helmet? Learn everything you need to know about top rated carbon fiber racing helmets.

This ultimate guide will point you in the right direction to find the perfect auto racing helmet for you!

Finding the Right Fit

When looking for an auto racing helmet, you want something that not only meets safety expectations, but surpasses them in any accident you might face. In order to ensure the optimal safety and reliability of your next helmet, you need to determine what you’re planning to use it for.

As an open-wheel auto racer, kart racer, or motor sports enthusiasts, you will want to look for a helmet made from durable materials ensuring top notch safety ratings.

Do you have a preference for a full (closed) face auto racing helmet or an open face racing helmet? Do you have additional comfort options you would like to explore?

Auto racing helmet styles are endless, having a style in mind will help narrow your search.

The most important step before you start shopping is finding your head size. A helmet that is too loose or too tight will not work properly if an accident were to occur. Learn how to measure your head properly here if you’re unsure of your head size.

Budget is also a factor when purchasing a helmet.

Auto racing helmets range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. An effective auto racing helmet is a worthwhile investment. Try not to limit yourself to the most affordable options as you might sacrifice safety.

That being said here’s what you need to know about what carbon fiber helmets have to offer.

Carbon Fiber Auto Racing Helmets

Carbon fiber is a durable and lightweight composite material used in many of today’s sports, especially in the auto racing industry.

The extreme durability and strength of carbon fiber provide extra safety while its light weight promotes comfort. Features like these make carbon fiber an excellent choice when selecting a quality auto racing helmet.

The anti-abrasion properties of carbon fiber make it a better choice for open-wheel racing than fiberglass helmets.

All carbon fiber racing helmets have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet and exceed all safety certifications. As new advancements in the carbon fiber industry occur, new research is still conducted to improve safety of all helmets.

Safety Certification

There are several auto racing helmet certifications you should always look for when shopping for a new helmet. The following certifications ensure optimal safety as well as which auto sports they would be best suited for.

  • SA is an auto racing approved standard.
  • K is a kart racing approved standard.
  • M is approved for motorcycles and motorsports.
  • FIA8858 approves the compatibility with HANS (head and neck support) and FRH (frontal head restraint) systems.

There are additional auto racing helmet certifications that will help you determine the best carbon fiber racing helmet for your needs.

Auto Racing Helmets under $1000

You can definitely find a safe auto racing helmet that meets all certifications for around a few hundred dollars. These auto racing helmets are safe and reliable with some additional comfort features.

Simpson Carbon Devil Ray


This carbon fiber auto racing helmet meets SA2015 ratings while weighing in at an ultra light 2.9 lbs.

The Simpson Carbon Devil Ray is versatile for a wide variety of motor sports including stock-car racing and road racing.

The full face cover of this helmet keeps dust, dirt, and wind out. It is pre-drilled and threaded for HANS anchors, promoting additional safety and customization.

Zamp RZ-44CE Carbon Fiber Helmet


Whether you’re an open-wheel, closed-cockpit, or cart automobile driver, the Zamp RZ-44CE has the safety and durability of high end carbon fiber racing helmets at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to safety, comfort takes a front seat with TRI-Tech air system for fresh cool air and ear muffs to quiet your race while improving sound for communication devices.

This auto race helmet meets and surpasses both SA2015 and FIA8859 certifications.

Stilo ST5 GT Composite


A mix of kevlar and carbon fiber gives this helmet superior safety and design with optimal visibility.

This helmet offers a wider selection of sizes and adaptability for personal customizations than similar auto racing helmets.

Want to add built-in communication devices? Add extra air ventilation? All while maintaining the helmet’s incredibly light weight? That is not a problem with the Stilo ST5 GT Composite.

Comfort and safety are the main priorities of this affordable carbon fiber auto racing helmet.

Auto Racing Helmets $1000+

No need to sacrifice today’s best comforts and styles in auto racing helmets with the industry’s best safety features. The following carbon fiber helmets are what today’s professional auto racers seek in an auto racing helmet.

Bell Racing RS7C LTWT


The Bell Racing Rs7C LTWT is the perfect helmet for auto racers who are pushing serious G’s and are going long distances.

Developed between Bell and Penske Racing, this helmet rocks light weight comfort at 2.75 lbs, boosts air flow, and is used by NASCAR racers.

If you’re looking for something the professionals use, the Bell Racing RS7C LTWT is the perfect  budget friendly and pro-comfort option for all auto racers.

Arai GP-6RC


Looking for a racing helmet that is comfortable, safe, and stylish? The Arai GP-6RC is made from high end carbon fiber allowing it to bend and flex on impact avoiding splintering or shattering.

Removable cheek pads give you the option to customize this helmet to your comfort level.

The advance safety technology makes this helmet ready for Formula 1 Racing while sporting a sleek style.

Stilo ST5 GT Zero 8860


The number one rated carbon fiber auto racing helmet, according to Winding Road is the Stilo ST5 GT Zero 8860. This carbon fiber racing helmet puts accessories and comfort up there with quality safety.

At 2.48 lbs (2.68 lbs Large) this is the lightest weight helmet on the market.

The stylish Stilo ST5 improves visibility, maintains safety, and boasts a sleeker design with a 1/2” narrower design and lower profile. HANS post anchors come included with this helmet promoting safety.

If you’re serious about helmet safety, this professional quality carbon fiber helmet is the way to go.

More on Carbon Fiber Racing Helmets

When looking for an auto racing helmet that supplies you with both comfort and the best safety features in the industry, carbon fiber racing helmets are a no brainer.

With the advancement of carbon fiber composite materials in modern technology, carbon fiber auto racing helmets prove to be the lightest and safest materials in the auto racing world.

Before you buy your next auto racing helmet, learn more about the latest innovations in carbon fiber technology and how it keeps you safe here.

If you have questions regarding carbon fiber technology, let us know, we’re always happy to answer any questions you have.

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