Why Carbon Fiber Insoles Are a Game-Changer for Foot Health

More than one in six Americans will face foot pain at some point in their lives. Shoes with good support for the whole foot can help stabilize someone’s gait and ensure long-term pain reduction. Carbon fiber insoles have taken off with some people to address these problems. Do these shoe inserts live up to the hype? […]

The Final Fibers: How to Craft Security With of Autoclave Carbon Fiber Prototyping

Autoclave carbon fiber is changing the game for industries that need solid and lightweight materials. This process makes high-quality carbon fiber composites from planes to cars, sports gear to medical devices. These composites are tough and long-lasting. This article will explore the benefits of autoclave carbon fiber prototyping and how it’s used in different industries. […]

The Art of Movement in Composite Hockey Stick Design

Did you know that more than 80% of NHL players use composite sticks? Although wooden options once covered the ice, modern designs have improved the game. Whether you want to play professionally or not, a good hockey design for your stick is essential. This piece of equipment might seem simple, but the smallest details can impact […]

The Race to Reuse With Sports Carbon Fiber Recycling

Despite its association with modern gear, carbon fiber has been part of the sports landscape since Kestrel introduced its carbon fiber bicycle in the late 1980s. Since then, carbon fiber has appealed to many sports professionals looking for lighter gear. Many of those products end up in landfills after a bad bike crash or a […]

Developing the Carbon Fiber Panels Giving Flight to Aerospace Design

Demand for commercial aircraft continues to rebound strongly after the pandemic. Airbus and Boeing expect that at least 40,000 new jets will need to be produced over the next 20 years. Airlines want more fuel-efficient planes that meet strict standards for design safety. Carbon fiber panels are an important part of meeting this demand. The […]