3 Tips for Working with Carbon Fiber Parts

The history of carbon fiber begins earlier than many realize. By the late 1800s, scientists were experimenting on carbon fibers for incandescent lightbulbs. Less than 100 years later, these filaments opened the way for a future material: carbon fiber. Today, you’ll find carbon fiber as a vital component in many industries. It’s light, strong, heat-resistant, and ideal for sensitive […]

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Composite Manufacturing

Manufacturing plays a crucial role in global economies. In 2021, this made up about 12% of the US GDP alone. With this industry being so important, people constantly have to think of ways to make it even better. Well, one of those ways could be to buy into composite manufacturing. What are the biggest cost […]

Aero Composites: How Composite Fan Blades Revolutionized Aviation

Steve Jobs said innovation is the distinguishing trait between a leader and a follower. In the aviation industry, innovative composites in turbo fan engine design have separated the leaders from the followers. Let’s briefly examine how aero composites in fan blades have revolutionized aviation, as shown in GE’s commercial airline engines. The Challenges of Aircraft […]

Composite Testing: How Composite Materials Are Tested

Imagine materials that possess the strength of steel yet are lighter than feathers. Picture components that defy conventional limitations and soar to new heights of performance. This is the world of composite materials. The unsung superheroes of modern engineering. But before they can be put to their extraordinary use, they have to go through lengthy composite testing. […]

Celebrating National Composites Week: SMI Composites

National Composites Week is an annual event dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness about the advancements, innovations, and applications of composite materials in various industries. This week-long observance brings together professionals, researchers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts from fields like aerospace, automotive, construction, sports, and more. Through exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and online initiatives, National Composites Week highlights […]

4 Applications for Composite Technology and Materials in the Military

The global market for composite materials in the military will reach $966.4 million by 2027. It’s because of the demand for high-performance, lightweight materials in defense programs. Body armor solutions in the military also increasingly need lightweight materials. Composite technology is a developing field, and the military always looks for new ways to use it. […]

The Role of Composite Materials in Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics

Orthopedics and prosthetics are, for millions of us, nothing short of a miracle. These devices allow people with congenital conditions, liabilities, and injuries to vastly improve their independence and quality of life. What’s more, demand for advanced prosthetics and orthotics is surging. The market for these essential devices is worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide. […]

Custom Manufacturing: How to Communicate Your Specifics and Needs

You wouldn’t hand your granddad’s vintage Ford Mustang keys to a teen who’s just learned to drive, would you? Now imagine that scenario on an industrial scale. In the world of custom manufacturing, it’s equally important to ensure that your complex designs and intricate requirements are in the right hands. Trust and communication form the […]