A Guide to Understanding the Autoclave Curing Process

Manufacturing is a $246 billion industry worldwide. There are many different types of manufacturing processes. Some are designed for producing lots of components as cheaply as possible, while others are geared towards custom design. Autoclave curing is a unique procedure that offers distinct advantages for particular parts. It has become a popular option in the […]

What Are the Benefits of Lightweight Cars?

We find ourselves at the forefront of incorporating innovative composite materials into the auto industry. We offer carmakers quality, protection, and stunning design. However, these are not the main reasons our services are sought out. Rather, it’s the demand for lightweight cars that is driving demand for our engineered parts. Lightweight automobiles have many advantages […]

3 Types of Compression Molding and How They Work

Did you know that carbon fiber molding plays a crucial role in the medical industry? Carbon fiber composites have changed how modern prosthetic devices are made in the medical field. Using carbon fiber has allowed for the production of prosthetics that are stronger, lighter, and more comfortable for patients to wear. Compression molding is a popular […]

What Are the Best Carbon Fiber Products?

Did you know that carbon fiber is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum? It’s no wonder that this impressive material has found its way into a vast range of applications. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best carbon fiber products out there. We’ll discuss how composite manufacturing has revolutionized many industries. So, […]

A Guide to the Different Types of Manufacturing

Did you know that U.S. manufacturing accounts for over $2 trillion in GDP? Despite some manufacturing moving overseas, it’s still an integral part of the U.S. economy. Why is that? Because despite the common misconception, manufacturing isn’t only assembly line manufacturing. In fact, there are many types of manufacturing, each with its own strengths. Here’s […]