How to Cut Carbon Fiber: The Necessary Steps

According to encouraging new research, the demand for lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and increased use in the aerospace and defense industries is driving the carbon fiber industry to new strengths. It’s not hard to see why. This versatile material’s myriad benefits become clearer each day. But how exactly do you deal with this composite, and leverage […]

The Common Uses and Benefits of Carbon Sports Equipment

Carbon fiber is a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing. The material is used in a variety of products. These include everything from rockets and race cars to sunglasses and helicopters. It also has many military and aerospace applications. There are other carbon fiber uses. It is popular for almost any sporting equipment […]

Carbon Fiber Laminate: A Powerhouse Composite Material

If you asked the average person how old carbon fiber is, they’d probably guess wrong. Carbon fiber is much older than most of us would imagine. It was first used in lightbulbs in the 1870s. We’ve improved carbon fiber significantly in the past century-and-a-half, and one of the most important improvements is carbon fiber laminate. […]

High-End Composites: Why Is Carbon Fiber So Expensive?

The first commercial carbon fiber was created by Thomas Edison for use in the first incandescent light bulb in 1879. Nowadays, carbon fiber is a material celebrated for being durable and lightweight. It has found its place in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to sports equipment and luxury goods. However, the exceptional properties of […]

Carbon Fiber in Airplanes: Why Do Engineers Favor It?

In the aerospace industry, there’s no room for error. Aircraft manufacturers have various material choices, and carbon fiber is quickly becoming one of the most popular. While other materials are still common, more airplane parts are being made using carbon fiber. It offers a range of benefits that make it more suitable than most of […]

The Growing Popularity of Custom Carbon Fiber Parts

There are plenty of industries that rely on custom parts, and many need these parts to meet high specifications. Carbon fiber has proven itself one of the best options for a range of applications. More companies are turning to custom carbon fiber parts due to the many benefits it offers. As manufacturing technologies continue to improve, […]

The Important Steps to Autoclave Maintenance

Healthy patients, a sanitary environment, and a safe workplace – these are your medical facility’s three core pillars. Your autoclave plays an indispensable role in helping you maintain these pillars. Your organization isn’t the only one that relies heavily on autoclaves, either. An increasing number of hospitals are using autoclaves. That’s because these steam machines can […]

Real vs Fake Carbon Fiber: How to Tell the Difference

What do tennis racquets, hockey sticks, and golf clubs all have in common? They’re commonly made from carbon fiber. You may even find clothing made with carbon fiber, including protective gear such as helmets and shoes. It’s easy to understand why carbon fiber is so popular. Stiff and strong but still maintains a lightweight quality. It’s […]