Can Carbon Fiber Help Improve Fighter Jet Aerodynamics?

Carbon Fiber

Did you know that the fighter jet industry is worth over $40 billion? By 2026, this industry will be worth around $56 billion.

One reason for this is the significance of carbon fiber in fighter jets. It is something that’s viewed as only making those jets better.

Just how does carbon fiber help? What carbon parts are there?

This is your guide.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Before we can get into the benefits of carbon fiber on these jets, we must first understand what it is. Essentially, carbon fiber is a type of material that goes into the aerodynamic design of a fighter jet.

It is made out of carbon atoms and it is known to be a material that has high tensile strength and stiffness.

This material is produced by polyacrylonitrile along with a minor contribution of petroleum pitch.

Benefits of This

The main thing that pilots likely want to know is what benefits they have for using this material on their fighter jets. Well, a few of the biggest benefits of this material include:

Saving Fuel Costs

It is no secret that fuel costs have risen on the ground. However, the same goes for jets, so you can imagine that is something that pilots would be looking to save money on.

The materials that it’s made of allow you to save money on potential fuel costs.

Considering that it costs up to $2,000 per hour in jet fuel to fly a fighter jet, this may be something worth looking into.

Improving Performance and Reliability

Let’s start with the fuel costs.

Considering what was said above, what do you think would happen if pilots suddenly saved money on jet fuel? The answer is that they could take longer flights, plan for longer routes, and do more scouting with a fighter jet if necessary.

On top of this, you have the actual performance of the jet. Made out of strong and thick materials, this could allow pilots to make faster and tighter turns with their jets. It could give them the ultimate level of flexibility with how they fly a jet.

Learn More About Carbon Fiber

These are just the main things that you should note about carbon fiber and fighter jets. It is a material that can allow certain pilots to save a lot of money in fuel costs.

As a result, the time that they can fly the jet is longer and more reliable. On top of this, pilots also get jets that perform better because of all of the moves it can handle.

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