Carbon Fiber: The Next Generation of Building Material?

carbon fiber

Over 30% of carbon fiber produced makes it into the aerospace industry. As airplanes can heavily benefit from material that is incredibly strong and light, this makes sense.

However, the aerospace industry is far from the only industry that has and will use carbon fiber. This material has also found its way into cars, naval ships, and even sporting goods. The use of carbon fiber in building materials, however, is the subject of this article.

There are plenty of reasons why these products work well in construction applications. Read on to learn more.

Repairing Structures

Construction workers can use a carbon fiber wrap to repair concrete that has become too stressed. This can allow beams and slabs to better handle any weight they need to carry. Therefore, also adds a lot less weight to the structures as a whole.

Using More Eco-Friendly Components

People can argue that the production of carbon fibers uses a lot of energy. This can be ecologically damaging as this energy will likely come from burning fossil fuels. While this is true, recent carbon fiber innovations may counter the material’s environmental damage a bit.

Researchers have developed a product that uses ligin. This material is a plant product that is created by the farming industry and is often thrown away as waste. The reduction of waste can be a great help to the environment.

Reinforcing Other Construction Components

Adding a carbon fiber sheet to a construction component has a lot of advantages. To start with, it will reinforce the concrete. This will make the resulting concrete construction stronger and more durable.

In addition, when carbon fiber is added to concrete, construction workers can use less of it to build a stable structure. This will save them a lot of time and expense.

Also, the material makes a suitable replacement for asbestos in concrete. This will improve the air quality around a concrete structure.

Better Than Steel

A lot of recent bridge construction projects are replacing each steel product with a carbon fiber product. Examples of these components include cables, decks, and supports.

One reason why this material is the superior choice has to do with the material’s strength. It’s stronger than steel.

In addition, is more resistant to many environmental elements than steel. Carbon fiber can resist moisture, chemicals, and temperature variations far better than steel can.

We’ll Turn Your Carbon Fiber Design Into Reality

In sum, the product will make the buildings of the future stronger, lighter, and more environmentally friendly. Those are good enough reasons to start using this wondrous material in your construction products as soon as possible.

When you’re ready to have new carbon fiber products at your disposal, consider our services. We’re dedicated to remaining at the forefront of manufacturing technologies. Learn how we can best help you with your next project by filling out your information on this page.

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