Carbon Fiber Violins, Bows, & Beyond: Carbon Fiber in String Instruments

carbon fiber violins

The violin is steeped in culture and history. It came on the scene in its current form in 1550. Since then, it’s been played around fields of battle, saloons, and concert halls around the world.

Although a timeless, classical instrument, there’s a new technology that is taking this heavenly instrument to new heights, and that technology is carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber violins are becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. Carbon fiber is also being used to make higher-quality bows.

If you want o to learn how carbon fiber is shaking up the world and lifeline of the violin, keep reading…

Carbon Fiber Violins

Carbon fiber violins produce amazing power. If you’re used to playing classic wood-based violins, and you’ve never played a carbon fiber violin before, you’re in for a treat.

Your ears will immediately notice the difference, especially if you’re a trained musician. But even if you’re not, you’re sure to recognize the high-quality power and sound from a carbon fiber violin.

Violins and other string instruments with carbon fiber are made from the best materials and are have tremendous balance when played, which makes it easier to play for pros and beginners.

Not only are these violins gorgeous they’re strong and light too. You can play them underwater as well.

If you’re familiar with violins, you know what a Strad is. You can even get a carbon Fiber violin made exactly like a classic Strad.

Carbon Fiber VS Wooden Bows

Don’t get me wrong, classic wooden bows can make for a great sound, but a carbon Fiber bow can blow you away. Carbon Fiber has amazing properties.

The biggest advantage you’ll get from using a carbon Fiber bow as opposed to a wooden bow is that they are extremely light in comparison.

According to professional classical violinist and teacher Zlata Brouwer, because they’re so light, you can produce a very big sound with little effort. You can play them faster and louder more easily than a wooden bow.

Carbon fiber bows are inexpensive to make, but carbon fiber is not a cheap material itself. It’s as high-end as it gets. You don’t have to go and source rare old-world wood to make them.

Plus, they’re more durable. And the cherry on top is you get great performance from carbon fiber bows too.

Carbon fiber bows score much higher on the Lucchimeter gauge than wooden bows. The Lucchimeter gauge checks the tonality of a bow and the material that it’s made with.

And Beyond

Carbon Fiber can be used to make jewelry, wallets, bags, tech accessories, and more. Each of these products made from carbon fiber is of high quality and extremely sustainable.

Here and Now

Carbon fiber violins are part of the here and now. Yes, this is a classical piece, but with carbon fiber, they can still sound authentic while having more power and speed.

Carbon fiber itself elegant and versatile and the way of the present and the future. Whether you’re looking for carbon fiber violins or other carbon fiber-made products, you want the best. Contact us today to find out more.


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