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Transform your career with SMI.

We’re always looking for talented and passionate folks to join our team. If you don’t see an opening that fits your mold, we’d still love to hear from you.

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Culture & Values

Dedicated to team solutions.

We’re a nimble and experienced team dedicated to providing transparency to all we work with. We take our commitment to one another seriously, and in doing so have created a solid foundation of teamwork to service our customers with efficiency and honesty.


SMI honors the family. We understand that the efforts put forth here at work will go to supporting and strengthening families, and in turn strengthening the community. Just like your family, the SMI family has the privilege of working together to achieve common goals. The satisfaction that comes with connecting with each other to solve problems, provide solutions, or simply meet the requirements of the day is our privilege. Relationships matter. SMI will always value family.


The significance of vision is often underrated. The Book of Proverbs states, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Vision gives us hope and excitement, and at SMI we couldn’t be more excited as we look to the future of manufacturing. Innovative materials that are lighter and more sustainable are being developed and used in new technologies and products that excite the imagination. Our vision at SMI is to play a leading role in the future of manufacturing through pioneering ideas and practical solutions.


SMI is a solid source of pride for all of us who work here. Discipline and our dedication to being the best make us proud and encourage us to achieve more every day. Pride in our commitment to integrity leads us to strive for excellence, no matter how difficult. By taking pride in what we do, SMI will continuously grow and improve.


SMI recognizes that doing something right is a universally understood concept. There is a shared consensus on what it means to do the right thing at the right time. If ever there is a question of what is right or wrong, our code of ethics and open-door policy allows our employees to openly discuss concerns and this prevents a culture of secrets. Integrity is being honest, trustworthy, and upright. Another definition of integrity is the idea of being ‘complete or undivided’. Integrity is the glue that binds SMI together and allows us to do the kind of work that will grow our company and provide our customers with exceptional products.