Celebrating National Composites Week: SMI Composites

National Composites Week

National Composites Week is an annual event dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness about the advancements, innovations, and applications of composite materials in various industries. This week-long observance brings together professionals, researchers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts from fields like aerospace, automotive, construction, sports, and more. Through exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and online initiatives, National Composites Week highlights the significant contributions of composites to modern technology, sustainability, and design, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the composites community and beyond. Read on to learn about how SMI is celebrating National Composites Week with its latest innovations.

National Composites Week at SMI

We are excited to update you on some of the latest developments at SMI Composites. SMI has been growing its customer base and product range in various sectors, such as automotive and aerospace. Our recent facility improvements have allowed us to increase our production and our team has been working hard to adopt new manufacturing techniques and technologies. This ensures that SMI delivers the highest quality standards and improves efficiency.

Carbon Fiber Advancements

Our carbon fiber parts are some of the best cosmetic and structural parts in our industry. We have been able to produce some amazing exposed carbon fiber parts with our customers. One part in particular for a sportscar, is exposed carbon and strong enough to reduce the lap times.

Sustaining The Future

SMI is also mindful of the environmental impact of our business at the time of manufacturing and throughout the lifecycle of the part. Therefore, SMI has been involved in various projects to enhance the efficiency of energy usage, collaborating with local alternative power generation, and water reclamation.

Celebrate With Us

The composites industry is full of possibilities, with new processes and materials emerging every year. Companies are looking for solutions that are lighter and stronger. These part specifications are driving them towards composites. So, join SMI in celebrating National Composites Week and stay along for the ride. Follow us today – LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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