Composites in the Aerospace Industry: What Is AS9100D Certification?

as9100d certification

Here’s a shocking statistic: there are approximately 6,238 plane crashes each year. Most of these accidents occur as a result of errors. This is why precision and quality are essential in aerospace manufacturing.

Every component, material, and process involved in crafting aircraft must meet rigorous standards. It helps ensure the safety and reliability of the final product. This is where AS9100D certification comes in.

You need a manufacturer with AS9100D certification. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you learn more.

What Is AS9100D Certification?

AS9100D sets the standard for aviation, space, and defense industry participants. It was crafted by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). This certification establishes standardized quality management systems.

This certification revises AS9100C, emphasizing industry-specific guidelines for certification enhancement. It focuses on the realms of developing, producing, and distributing aeronautical components.

Who Needs to Follow AS9100D Standard?

AS9100D isn’t legally binding but holds immense aerospace industry importance. It applies to all entities operating within the aerospace industry. This includes:

  • Partnering companies engaged in the aerospace sector
  • Designers of aerospace parts
  • Composite manufacturing companies
  • Manufacturers producing aircraft components
  • Quality management organizations collaborating with aerospace manufacturers

This standard ensures that organizations manufacture the utmost quality components.

Advantages of AS9100D Certification in Composite Aerospace Manufacturing

AS9100D certification is important in composite aerospace manufacturing. It shows commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency within the aerospace industry. Let’s delve into its advantages.

Enhances Safety

Safety is non-negotiable in aerospace. Composites manufactured under AS9100D guidelines undergo rigorous testing and validation. This reduces the risk of failures.

Improves Performance

Composites already boost aerospace performance. Adding them with AS9100D-certified manufacturing ensures that they perform with efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

The aerospace industry is tightly regulated, and non-compliance is not an option. AS9100D certification aligns with these regulations. This makes certification a passport to industry participation.

How Are AS9100D Certifications Issued?

You can access AS9100 certifications through authorized third-party organizations. Let’s look at a step-by-step process on how you can get these certifications.

Step 1: Choose a Certification Body

Select an authorized third-party certification body for the AS9100 certification. Ensure that the certification body is recognized by the IAQG.

Step 2: Initial Documentation Audit

The certification body conducts an initial audit of your organization’s documents. This is to ensure that they align with the AS9100D standard for the aerospace industry.

Step 3: Implement AS9100D Standards

Once you pass the documentation audit, you should implement the AS9100D standard. It involves adopting the required quality management processes (QMS).

Step 4: Second Quality Management Audit

The second audit assesses your organization’s QMS. It also ensures compliance with AS9100D standards. This audit involves observation, interviews, and reviews to evaluate your quality management processes.

Step 5: Assessment for Conformity and Certification Issuance

The assessment aims to find an acceptable level of conformity with AS9100D requirements. It examines your processes to determine if they meet the aerospace industry standards. This includes composite manufacturing, if applicable.

With all standards met, you can get the AS9100D certification.

Partner With an AS9100D-Certified Manufacturer

AS9100D certification is the ultimate hallmark of quality and reliability. This is why partnering with AS9100D-certified manufacturers is a necessity.

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