Cost-Benefit Analysis of Composite Manufacturing

Composite manufacturing

Manufacturing plays a crucial role in global economies. In 2021, this made up about 12% of the US GDP alone.

With this industry being so important, people constantly have to think of ways to make it even better. Well, one of those ways could be to buy into composite manufacturing.

What are the biggest cost benefits? Will we see more carbon fiber products as a result?

This guide breaks it down.

Lighter Weight

One of the main benefits of this type of manufacturing is that the materials you are using here have a much lighter weight. When you use carbon fiber parts in a composite manufacturing process, you can work with lighter materials that can make the whole operation easier.

This especially comes into play when you are trying to transport these materials. You have to load these materials for a shipment, have them delivered to a final destination, and then unload these materials.

Common sense dictates that this process can take a lot longer when you have heavy pieces of equipment to transport. The logistics of this also become more complicated.

That is because when materials are too heavy, you could end up needing stronger equipment to transfer these materials properly. This could mean bigger trucks, bigger cranes, more manpower, etc.

As a result, it could end up costing the company a lot more money to provide all of this for heavier materials. Having lighter materials makes all of this extra effort unnecessary and it makes the manufacturing process much simpler.


Another big benefit to composite manufacturing is the sustainability that it offers. Because these are lighter materials, it automatically puts less stress on the environment. Part of it comes down to transportation, where you have less stress on transportation, and fewer trips may even be needed as a result.

Also, a carbon fiber product tends to have more longevity compared to products made from traditional materials. This allows a company to rely on these parts longer and save on costs for eventually replacing these products.

Finally, you have to think about the brand and the image a company has. For larger companies, reputation can mean everything. So, they are more likely to do whatever is necessary to keep their customers happy.

Well, customers are getting more vocal about sustainability. About 77% of people are influenced by a company’s environmental record when they decide whether or not to do business with them.

So, being sustainable may not only make a company more efficient but also improve its reputation.

Invest in Composite Manufacturing

These are just two of the benefits that your company can get when you switch to a composite manufacturing process. At the end of the day, you need to think about how this can make your company more efficient.

This allows you to have lighter materials that will last longer. That makes it easier to transport these products efficiently and saves on future replacement costs. Plus, your company can gain good favor with your public reputation.

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