Engineering Jobs: What Does a Composites Engineer Do?

engineering jobs

A lawyer could work on many different types of legal cases. A doctor could specialize in anything from cardiology to pediatrics. There are many different areas of specialty for an engineer too.

There may be a plethora of high-quality engineering jobs. Some may even lead to management positions.

Have you heard of composite engineering? Wondered what a composites engineer does?

Read on to learn more about what a composite engineer does and why it might be a career path for you.

What Job Does the Composite Engineer Perform?

A composite engineer will most likely work directly with a manufacturer charged with producing composites. For instance, the engineer will be responsible for:

  • Technical responsibilities
  • Production process
  • Administrative responsibilities

Composites, carbon fiber, are manufactured by putting together multiple layers of material and/or multiple materials into a single product. The composites engineer would be responsible for:

  • Overseeing the production of composite materials
  • Making informed choices on the materials
  • Make decisions on the processes used
  • Develop programs or systems that enhance the end product

Composite engineers have knowledge of the many materials including joining materials and technologies such as adhesive bonding and mechanical fastening systems.

Of course, any company would also want the composite engineer to be mindful of the decisions they make and how it impacts profitability.

Often composite engineers will have a formal education in engineering. Therefore, they may even have a focus on mechanical or chemical engineering.

What Industries Need Composite Engineers?

While this may sound like a pretty specialized area of manufacturing, actually composite engineers are in demand in many industries. Composite manufacturing, widely used within the aerospace, defense, consumer products, medical device, automotive, and construction industries. As these industries seek to develop and produce products that are lighter, stronger, and at reduced costs composites are the go-to engineering solution.

There are many companies that specifically manufacture composite materials that would be eventually used within other manufacturing.

Many composite manufacturers will work to design and develop, then manufacture composites for tooling and specific parts.

Composite engineers are at the forefront of technologically advanced materials and advanced manufacturing. They work to create composite materials best suited for their clients.

Beneficial Skills to Work as an Engineer in Composites Manufacturing

A composite engineer is likely to wear many hats in their role, from development to manufacturing to administration.

Most companies who are hiring for composite engineering positions hope to hire an engineer with a degree in either mechanical or chemical engineering.

The size of the company will impact how specialized your work will be. Therefore, small companies may expect you to fulfill roles from design to the manufacturing process. Larger companies may have engineers in more specialized roles.

Either way, be prepared to highlight specific experiences and skills that are directly tied to composites to begin this kind of work.

Composite Engineering Jobs to Consider

There may be options when it comes to engineering jobs. So, do your homework to find the type of engineering that’s right for you. Composite engineering offers plenty of creative and unique challenges in the field.

Therefore, to learn more about the job opportunities we have at SMI Composites, get in touch today.

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