Exploring the Benefits of Using Carbon Composites in Industrial Production

carbon composites

Carbon fiber is a type of material made of carbon strands that measure only 5 to 10 microns in diameter. This small size, however, does nothing to lessen the material’s strength. Carbon fibers are twice as stiff and five times as strong as steel.

Such qualities extend to carbon composites, which are made from carbon fibers. There are also plenty more benefits carbon fiber composites have which can benefit many areas of industrial production. Read on to learn more about how your industrial business could benefit from this wondrous material.


Carbon fibers are thin, but they could still be dense and heavy. This isn’t the case at all. Carbon fiber composite products are lighter than similar ones made of aluminum or titanium.

This makes carbon composites perfect for any product that needs to be strong yet fast (i.e. cars). They’re also perfect for products that need to be light and strong (i.e. boats and airplanes).

Low Heat Conduction

Many metal materials heat up when they’re exposed to heat. Humans can burn themselves on heated-up metal or otherwise feel uncomfortable. Heat transferring can also be dangerous to many technological components.

This isn’t an issue with carbon fiber composite products. They do not radiate or transmit heat as much as most metals.

Low Heat Expansion

Exposure to heat can also be a problem for metals when it causes them to change shape. Usually, metals can warp and/or expand as temperatures change from cool to hot. This can eventually cause parts to break and/or fail.

Carbon composites retain the shape they’re molded into much more when faced with extreme temperatures. This makes them great for applications that involve high heat.

Low Corrosion

Metals are weak to salt, oxygen, and corrosive chemicals. All of these materials can cause metal products to corrode away relatively quickly.

Carbon composites aren’t as weak as these metals to salt, oxygen, etc. That means they can be the perfect material to use in building pipes to transport certain chemicals.

Transparent to X-rays

X-rays can see through carbon composites, yet these materials can still prevent excessive patient and doctor x-ray exposure. In addition, X-ray systems made from carbon fiber composites have a short scanning duration and create precise results. This can benefit the medical industry immensely.

RF Shielding

Another danger to technology is scanners. These can steal data and/or otherwise harm certain devices. Luckily, radio frequencies don’t easily pass through carbon composite products.

Enhance Your Industrial Products With Our Carbon Composites

The above list is just a fraction of the many abilities and applications of carbon composites. With enough creativity, your industrial business should be able to think of more ways you can use this material.

On top of that, more manufacturing techniques are being invented every day. Carbon fiber should have more abilities and applications in the future.

For now, consider letting us help you construct the carbon composite technologies your business needs. We’ll offer quality, transparency, and customization throughout our entire process. Get a free price quote by leaving us your information on this page.

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