How Carbon Fiber Parts Can Help With Aerodynamics

Carbon Fiber Parts

Did you know that the first carbon fiber dated back to 1879 and was invented by Thomas Edison? By 1958 the first high-performance carbon fiber was invented in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, many car manufacturers use carbon fiber to improve their high-performance vehicles.

Replacing standard car parts with carbon fiber parts can help with aerodynamic performance! Below is a quick look at the aerodynamic benefits.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon atoms are joined together in a long chain to form carbon fiber. The fibers are utilized in numerous processes to produce top-notch building materials for any industry. Carbon fiber is incredibly stiff, robust, and light.

How Is Carbon Fiber Made?

The actual carbon fibers are incredibly fine. They are only a tenth the breadth of human hair. A carbon structure is only very rigid when the fibers are laid in a certain direction.

There are over 3,000 filaments for the elements of visible carbon. In order to obtain stiffness in all dimensions, flat textiles with various fiber orientations are subsequently made using fiber bundles.

Carbon Fiber Parts Increase Fuel Efficiency

It goes without saying that a lighter car costs less to operate. Reduced weight increases fuel efficiency. Less weight also means that it will reduce the operating costs of the vehicle.

It makes sense that automakers are leaning towards carbon fiber composites because they are exceptionally stiff and robust for their weight. Comparing the weight of a vehicle built using carbon fiber composites to one made with conventional aluminum reduces it by up to 20%.

Improves Aerodynamic Performance

Aerodynamics is a crucial component of vehicle fuel efficiency. The car becomes more fuel-efficient as its design becomes more streamlined. Automobile designers can more easily improve the aerodynamics of a carbon fiber vehicle because carbon fiber fabrication allows for complex designs to be smooth yet complicated.

Do Carbon Fibre Parts Make My Car More Aerodynamic?

The short answer to the question is yes! Carbon parts will make your vehicle more aerodynamic. When people think of aerodynamics, they think of the least resistance to wind, applied at high speed. In short, they mean your car has less drag.

Some incorrectly designed trunk lid spoilers and front lip spoilers are even known to increase the drag on your vehicle. Carbon fiber is easy to manufacture intricate designs. In addition, designers have free range in their designs.

As a bonus, many carbon fiber part designers come from the racing industry. As a result, each piece from, front spoilers to the complete rear ends, is designed to perfection.

Carbon Fiber Is at the Forefront of Design

The ability to continually produce stronger, faster and more fuel efficient is a strong argument for manufacturers to only use carbon fiber parts. Therefore, only this material will be used in manufacturing vehicles very soon.

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