How Carbon Fiber Parts Make Cars Safer

carbon fiber parts

Did you know that carbon fiber has the highest strength density of any material commonly used in the auto industry?

Car racing enthusiasts have long been familiar with carbon fiber and composite advanced technology on their favorite racecars. You can find a carbon fiber application on many leading Formula One vehicles.

But composite manufacturing has now started to extend to everyday vehicles. Are you wondering if this could be a good choice for your next vehicle?

Read on as we walk you through everything you need to know about the material and its impact on vehicle safety.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a type of material made up of long crystals of carbon that manufacturers meld together to make a fabric. When the fabric mixes with epoxy, it can twist to make almost any shape.

Because of how the crystals arrange naturally, it is very strong for how small it is. Because of this, materials are also lighter than other materials with the same strength, and carbon fiber is replacing steel and aluminum parts in many different industries.

The Auto Industry

These parts have already entered the aerospace and manufacturing industries, but the automotive industry is driving some of the latest developments. This material forms into almost any shape. Carbon fiber, now used within the auto industry, makes strong and lightweight parts increase speed, improve aerodynamics, and use less gas.

Most car parts are used in luxury cars and European high-end vehicles right now. However, some carbon fiber composite parts are available on the aftermarket. Carbon fiber is used in parts of vehicles like the body, wheelbase, and interior areas because of its unique properties and sleek look.

Why It’s Safer

It can be hard to make a car that is both light and stable out of steel or aluminum. The best thing for the job!

Why? The material holds together with rigid carbon that is not as heavy as aluminum. Carbon fiber can also absorb harder hits, which makes it a safer alternative to other building materials.

It distributes the force across the length of the material more easily. It can take a massive blow and send the force away from the driver to other areas of the vehicle when used in a well-designed chassis.

Choosing Carbon Fiber

At the end of the day, carbon fiber provides an exceptionally strong and safe material for modern vehicles. Therefore, can bend into almost any shape, and modern manufacturers have started to use it on the most premium supercars available. The time is right to switch for a lightweight, safe ride.

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