How to Care for Your Carbon Fiber Car Wheels

carbon fiber car wheels

Weight saving and strength are the main reasons why people opt for carbon fiber over aluminum or other metal wheels. Carbon fiber is a lot more durable than people think and is the main choice of material when racing or any other sort of vehicle enhancement is trying to be achieved.

With so many advantages, it won’t be long until most vehicles on the planet have a set of carbon fiber wheels. Taking care of carbon fiber car wheels is easier than you would think. Read on below to find out how to properly care for your carbon fiber wheels.

Cleaning Your Carbon Fiber Wheels

Carbon fiber is a polymer weaved together that creates a very strong material that is also lightweight. The problem with carbon fiber is that ultraviolet rays can destroy the material and cause it to deteriorate over time.

You can clean your wheels with a pressure washer and cloth, make sure the cleaning agent you use is specialized for carbon fiber, and don’t use anything abrasive as this will scratch the surface of the carbon fiber.

Grease can also be removed by using a specialized de-greaser and soft sponge. Once the wheels are clean, use another soft cloth to dry the wheels. Stay away from chamois clothes as much as possible.

Protecting Your Carbon Fiber Car Wheels

Much like any other material, carbon fiber does need protection to keep it from fading, cracking, and losing its integrity. If no proper maintenance is carried out, the material won’t last as long as it should and will look tacky in no time.

When it comes to protecting carbon fiber, you can polish it with car polish as per normal, then cover it with either a clear paint sealant, wax, or ceramic coating. Either one works well but for added peace of mind, use a ceramic coating as it will last longer and is an overall better protector for ceramic coating.

How to Renovate Carbon Fiber Wheels

Any car wheels will inevitably get damaged one way or another. Small stones or mounting the curb are the main ways your carbon fiber wheels will get chipped or scratched.

Fortunately, carbon fiber wheels can be repaired. Most mag repair centers cater to carbon fiber, and there are many advancements in repairing them. The price to fix them will be more expensive than aluminum, so it’s important to stay away from curbs.

Carbon Fiber Car Wheels Improve Your Ride

Either way, you look at you, carbon fiber car wheels, will not only be for more expensive cars or race cars in the future. Soon, they will be readily available and at cheaper prices. From durability, and strength to a better ride, the advantages of carbon fiber certainly outweigh the negatives.

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