The Cost of Carbon Fiber: Why the Quality Is Worth It

cost of carbon fiber

When it comes to carbon fiber, the old saying is true: you get what you pay for!

It may be tempting to use some other material because you could save money versus paying for the cost of carbon fiber. But other materials don’t offer the same in terms of performance and quality.

Still not sure why carbon fiber is the way to go? Keep reading to discover exactly why the quality is worth it!

Weight to Strength Ratio

When it comes to the “math” on fiber, the numbers are pretty simple. Ideally, you want something that is strong enough for all your needs without being so heavy that is weighs everything down.

Compared to other materials such as steel, carbon fiber offers an excellent weight to strength ratio. By itself, the carbon fiber can be as thin (or even thinner) than a strand of the hair on your head. But once carbon fibers are woven together, it becomes insanely strong.

Versatile Applications

Of course, it’s one thing to offer high strength with low weight. But what can you actually do with carbon fiber?

Once you weave it together, it can serve as a very strong and supportive cloth. Alternatively, you can use carbon fiber over a mold before adding resin or plastic.

Because of that last quality, carbon fiber has become increasingly popular in the world of automotive engineering and design. Every car that uses this fiber gets to benefit from the combination of its strength and low weight, leading to high speeds and superior performance.

Sturdy Material

We have talked a lot about the strength of carbon fiber. But how well does it actually hold up in various conditions?

As materials go, carbon fiber is actually highly resistant to various chemicals. That’s another reason why it is so popular with things like automobile tires. When you don’t know exactly where you’ll be driving, you’ll want a material that can go anywhere while keeping you nice and safe.

On top of that, this fiber handles heat very well and has a low rate of thermal expansion. Because your car may have to navigate some hot areas as you drive, carbon fiber ensures that you always arrive at your destination.

Cost of Carbon Fiber: The Longterm Value

It’s easy to balk at the cost of carbon fiber and choose some cheaper material instead. However, it’s important for you to think in terms of longterm value instead of short-term value.

Sure, you might save money in the short term by getting something cheaper. Again, though, you get what you pay for. Cheaper material is going to need to be replaced more often, and this means you’ll be spending a lot of extra time and money.

Why not save that time and money by buying the higher-quality, longer-lasting material in the first place?

Your Next Move With Carbon Fiber

Now you know why the cost of carbon fiber is worth it. But do you know who can handle all of your composite material needs?

We’re here to offer you the high-quality parts and materials that you deserve. To see how we can start saving you money, come request a quote today!

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