What is Carbon Fiber? 5 Ways that Carbon Fiber Can Be Used

carbon fiber, what is carbon fiber

The global carbon fiber market expects to grow by over five billion dollars in the next ten years. Just what about this material is creating such projections? Its unique properties make it a versatile tool in many industries.

What is carbon fiber? It’s a material made of thin crystalline filaments of carbon twisted together. It is stronger than steel but extremely lightweight.

So, here are five uses that are changing the world now.

1. Automotive and Aerospace Uses for Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is particularly useful in the automotive and aerospace industries because of its strength and weight. A lighter machine improves fuel efficiency. In fact, when cars use this material, efficiency improves by about 35%.

Of particular importance is the fact that using carbon fiber does not sacrifice any strength or safety.

Cars can be made with multiple carbon components that reduce the weight of the vehicle by 50%. For instance, some aircraft use carbon fiber in the wings and the propellor blades as well.

2. Medical Field

One of the most common examples in the medical industry is its use in prosthetics. Due to the carbon fiber texture, they are more comfortable, durable, and flexible than other materials used in their creation.

Assistive devices like wheelchairs can also be used. This makes them easier for disabled people to use.

3. Energy

Carbon fiber can improve efficiency in other industries as well. In the energy field, things like windmill blades can use it as well.

Also, this conducts electricity while being heat resistant. This is useful in countless engineering and industrial projects.

4. Manufacturing

Even common everyday objects use carbon fiber! For instance, sports equipment such as rackets, bats, and clubs are made with the material to achieve a lighter weight. This allows players to be more efficient with their energy, putting them at an advantage.

With the advent of the carbon 3d printer, objects made of it became more prevalent. Plus, since one can mold forge fiber into any shape with the use of plastic or resin, you can expect more in the future.

Bikes, helmets, phone cases – anything that benefits from being strong and lightweight can be made from this material! For example, the focus is on creating tools and accessories from black fiber!

5. Architecture

The strength of the fiber becomes extremely valuable in the realm of architecture. Structural beams and supports that can bear heavy loads can also be made from it.

Carbon fiber is effective in bridges, too. This is because of its high tensile strength. In fact, the Stuttgart Stadtbahn bridge in Germany uses tension elements made with carbon fiber.

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Carbon fiber is useful in many industries and is only becoming more effective as developments continue. Truly, it can be used in countless applications! Learn more and find out if it’s right for your business.

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