5 Benefits of Carbon Fiber Phone Cases

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and a much lighter material for manufacturing. You’ll find carbon fiber parts in automobiles, airplanes, and recreational products like bicycles and golf clubs. Because of the unique properties of carbon fiber, it’s also used to make phone cases. Carbon fiber phone cases are in high demand. It’s one of the many types […]

Why Carbon Fiber is a Great Manufacturing Material for Jewelry

Throughout history, jewelry has existed and even evolved within our culture. Whether it be as a statement piece, an expression of oneself, or a symbol of love, jewelry demonstrates visual diversity. There are various types of metals that make jewelry what it is today. However, recently a material called carbon fiber has become increasingly popular. So should […]

3 Amazing Properties of Carbon Fiber

First invented in 1958, carbon fiber has made a major impact on the modern world. Since its creation, carbon fiber has been used in everything from sporting gear to spacecraft. It’s not hard to see why, either. The properties of carbon fiber are perfect for these applications. What properties are we talking about, though? What makes […]

3 Ways Companies Are Utilizing Composites in Construction Today

Construction materials have pretty much remained the same for ages. Stone, wood, mud brick, and even concrete have remained the building materials of choice throughout much of history. Primitive composite materials have a long history. With the remarkable growth of technology, the use of advanced composites in construction has now become possible. So, here’s a look at some ways companies are […]

Molding vs Casting: What Are the Differences and Benefits of Each?

Molding vs casting? Manufacturers in a wide range of industries rely on components created by compression molding and injection molding. Carbon fiber parts can be created using either method, depending on the specifications and tolerances associated with the project. SMI is a leader in the production of carbon fiber parts for the automotive and aerospace industries. If you’re considering a partner who can […]

A Quick Overview of the Casting Process

Nowadays, the casting process is useful for much more, such as creating materials, sculptures, and equipment. Carbon fiber products and other carbon fiber manufacturing are all possible because of this process. For the uninitiated, here is a quick overview of the casting process. Casting Process History and Development The origins of casting go back to as […]