An Introduction to the Resin Infusion Process

The resin infusion process is a process used in the composite field. The resin is used to fill any holes or gaps in material that may cause issues later on during the finishing process. When you’re researching the resin infusion process, you might not be able to find a complete guide of how it works, […]

Compression Molding: How It Works

  Compression molding is a standard process used to make stock shape thermoplastic and thermoset materials and parts. Broadly speaking, you put a pre-heated plastic material into an open, heated mold cavity. The mold is then closed by a hydraulic press and compressed. This ensures the content in the mold comes into contact with all […]

The Properties of Resin and Fiber Composites and Why They’re Beneficial

Fiber composites materials have been through many types of composite manufacturing. There is great potential in carbon fiber material, which, when combined with a resin matrix, offers new advantages for strength and weight especially compared to industry staples like iron, steel, aluminum, and titanium. So, read on to learn more about carbon fiber cloth and resin and […]

How to Improve Autoclave Manufacturing and Performance

Autoclave manufacturing has been essential for decades, and as technology has evolved, so has its design. Where autoclaves used to be crucial to textile, timber, food and sterilizing sectors, they now also play a significant role in the advanced composited and investment casting industries. Needless to say that if you’re manufacturing these parts, safety and […]

Your Guide to Composite Science and Technology

  Did you know that the first composites were made 4,000 years ago out of mud and straw? Today, manufacturers use 65,000 to 85,000 metric tons of carbon fiber composite materials each year. With the exponential increase in composite material used, it’s key to stay informed. Continue reading this article to learn about composite science and technology. […]

The Role of Composite Material in the Automotive Industry

It’s no secret that the automotive manufacturing industry is a competitive one. There’s a reason that already in the year 2020, its market value is worth $108 billion in revenue. That’s why industry leaders like yourself strive for innovative, cost-effective ways to keep your merchandise relevant and viable. Well, the good news is that you’ve come […]